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All designs at www.designsforsewing.com and www.1stnd.net are property of 1st Impressions Designs.
Designs for Sewing is a division of 1st Impressions Designs
Making a copy, buy any means, of 1st Impressions Designs and/or Designs for Sewings' artwork or design software is a violation of copyright law. The design software is licensed to the origial customer for embroidery use at one location only, and can stitch out as many designs on items for resale, but may not trade, copy, or resale the files or patterns themselves. There is no restructions to editing. You may edit a design (resize, combine designs, add text, etc.) but the edited design remains the property of 1st Impressions Designs and is subject to the licensing policy. No portion of our patterns may be reproduced mechanically, electronically or by any other means, including photocopying, without the written
permissions of 1st Impressions Designs. The information provided in our products is presented in good faith, but no guarantee is given due to the fact that we have no control over
techniques and materials used by the customer. Classes based on patterns in our products must require every student to purchase their own designs. It is illegal for teachers to copy or rewrite these instructions in any way for distribution to students. Permission is granted to photocopy patterns for the personal use of the retail purchaser. We work hard to provide unbeatable quality and variety so, please respect our work.
c 1996-2016 1st Impressions Designs/Designs for Sewing, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Notice: the use of mascot logos in connection with any college or university, or any professional sports team name, slogan and/or colors, or otherwise in a team context, needs the express written consent of the respective institution and/or its authorized representative.